About Me

About me….

My work is communication. Whether it be hosting on the radio, blogging, writing articles, interviewing, coaching, singing, modeling, talking with people or public speaking, being the best me I can be is a constant unfolding and the only real aspect that matters to me.

I’ve worked in many industries, including broadcasting. I’ve done voice acting and modelling, sang with some bands, and dabbled in the public and community sectors as a consultant. I’ve had odd jobs like working as a waitress and telephone customer service representative. I’ve studied, practiced and taught metaphysics intuitive development and the healing arts, including Huna and Lomi on the island of Kauai. I’ve worked as a marketing and communication consultant and a business analyst.

I’ve given birth to my son at home and raised my son on my own. I’ve prepared and argued legal cases and won. I’ve experienced the deaths of the women in my family. I ran a half-marathon and recovered far beyond the prognosis of a head-on car accident. I’ve also had profound spiritual experiences and awakenings, only to discover that there was more!

I’ve explored my sexuality (satisfactorily, I might add). I’ve struggled with being loved. I’ve healed my past and gained unmeasurable insights into myself.  I’ve lost myself only to find myself, again. I’ve known misery, depression, isolation, the re-invention of myself despite others expectations. I’ve discovered boundaries, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, discernment, grace, beauty, kindness, contentment, great joy and inner peace, rejection, ridicule, enlightenment, strife, hopelessness, perseverance and poverty. And for the last 3 years, I have come to know myself on a deeper level through a personal relationship with one of my many soul mates…

What I’ve seen and learned up to this point in my life, could fill a thousand pages of a thousand books. I remain….



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